What's your preferred Cloud Platform?

I’m planning to work out documentation on how to integrate Monogoto with cloud platforms to manage a fleet of connected devices, as well as to store, visualize & act on device data.

Do you have a preferred platform? Thinking of:

  • AWS IoT Core
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Cumulocity IoT
  • Datadog
  • Ubidots
  • Qubitro
  • thethings.io
  • anything else?

I suggest you go with UBIDOTS they are more IoT driven and I think they are the perfect fit for Monogoto API integration.

They have visual reports temperature and have more defined UI for IoT devices.

Please Laurens, just go with UBIDOTS

Thank you


On my experience I’m very satisfied with Qubitro as they also provide basically instant support. I never had to wait for an answer when I asked a question on their Discord. Also I’m using the starter account now which is free for 2 devices, works for me. Dabbled with their APIs which they call a playground, very satisfied with their documentation also. I’d be happy to share my experience if anyone has a question.


From my user experience, I strongly suggest you to go with Qubitro. Will explain a bit:

  1. Free Account - you can use upto 2 devices without paying them even though you don’t need to put your card details. It’s all free.

  2. Implementation - I bet, you can create your IoT product within a 15 mints.

  3. Integrations - This is the why I’m using Qubitro. This one have multiple integration options from HTTP to TTN, Helium, MQTT and much more.

  4. API - some other cloud services provides api but in Qubitro you can get your API in almost 10+ languages. From C, C++, Python, Go, Ruby, Java and much more.

  5. Support - You can get a in person support from the Qubitro’s tech team.

I think i have put all my mindvoice.

Seriously Qubitro is amazing just try out.


@laurens I believe that Datadog is not suitable for the list.

Hi @Gabriel_Drisu, I wonder what you mean by “more IoT driven”, could you please share more insight? Thanks.