Sending data via HTTP

Sending data from a cellular modem to


This tutorials is created for the u-blox R412 modem

  1. Set up the base url using +UHTTP:

  2. Set custom header(s) (optional):

  3. Create JSON file: sensordata.json

    > {"temperature": 21}
  4. Read file:

  5. Send data:

    AT+UHTTPC=0,4,"< path>","data.txt","sensordata.json",4
  6. Read server response:

  7. Delete sensordata.json (optional)

  8. Visit to see you message appear:

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Sending data to IFTTT

Reference: IFTTT

  1. Create an account on
  2. Create a new Applet by clicking the button: Create
  3. If This:
    1. Create a webhook

    2. Select: “Receive a web request with a JSON payload”.
    3. Create an event name
  4. Than That:
    1. Select any option you like, such as sending an automated tweet, email or SMS.
  5. To find the IFTTT url to send an HTTP POST to, visit
    1. Click Documentation
    2. Make sure to embed your event name in the url
  6. Go through the same steps as with the previous post: Sending data to, but use the base url and path from IFTTT.

To integrate your data with Ubidots using UDP or HTTP, have a look at the detailed documentation here.