Regarding Custom Duties Fee for Monogoto Sim Card

Hello Team Monogoto,

I am getting multiple mails from DHL to clear the custom duty fees for the sim card that you sent to me here in India for Monogoto developer program.

I request you to please clear the dues at the earliest which is 1705₹ INR.

Thanks & Best Regards
Shubham Jaiswal

Hi Shubham,

Unfortunately, duty fees always need to be paid by the receiver of the package. The duty fees mostly contain of tax which can be (partly) reclaimed from the tax authority if it’s paid by a registered company.

That being said, I’ll have a look what I can do and get back to you personally.

But for the monogoto developer program you said that the sim will be delivered free of cost. At that time you didn’t mentioned about the custom charges, now they are charging 1705INR which is way to high . I can easily get IOT sim card here in India for 250INR then why would I pay 1705INR for the same!?

Now DHL has generated a bill of the same against me , Please pay that amount and clear the dues against me !


Hi Subham,

You can also tell to the DHL to return the parcel if you can not pay the amount. For my case it was INR 4200.
Isn’t it so high?

Hi Ujjwal,

Actually DHL delivered the parcel last month, and the delivery boy didn’t tell me about the custom duties fee at the time of delivery!
After 1 week i got a call from that guy to pay 1705 ₹ as he’s saying he forget to collect that money at the time of delivery.

That’s why i am asking the monogoto to clear the dues.

You need to have a right to return the parcel.
Anyways, I have a similar case.

It is also the fault of DHL as they must ask for duty fees when they deliver the parcel to you. So that you can decide. I know, that if someone cannot pay high amount for duty fees, he/she has right to return the things to the original sender.!!

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