Recommendations For GSM Dev Module available in India

Could you please suggest me a recommended GSM dev module to be use with monogoto sim card that are available here in india !?

I’m not sure what devkits are available in India, but below I’ve listed some devkits I like:

When using a Raspberry Pi, it’s also possible to buy a mini PCIE USB dongle, with a mPCIE modem such as the SIM7070G.

Hope this helps!


Please check the below dongle and confirm if it’d support the monogoto SIM Card.

Does not mention LTE-M (CAT M1 or NB-IoT) anywhere so I am not sure, if the SIM would work.


This dongle contains the SIM7600G-H modem and supports LTE Cat 4 (not LTE-M), as well as 2G and 3G. For more info about this modem, see SIMCom website, there’s also a tutorial on our docs about this modem.

It works with a Monogoto SIM.

You could also look into the SIM7070G modem, which support LTE-M