Receive SIM for testing

I’ve been working with unlicensed IoT (mostly LoRaWAN and SIGFOX), but haven’t got the chance to experience cellular IoT yet.

Although I don’t have a commercial project yet, I’d like to learn more about LTE-M and NB-IoT. Is there a way for me to receive a SIM for testing? I’m happy to pay for it.


Welcome to the community @Daniel,

We’re happy to send you a free evaluation SIM, allowing you to test different cellular technologies as well as our Monogoto platform. You can DM me your shipment details (name, company, address, email, phone number) or fill out this form and a SIM will be on its way.

For anyone else who would like to evaluate Monogoto, please fill out the form Request a SIM card sample kit on our website to receive a free SIM with instructions on how to get started.