Monogoto's Cellular IoT Developer Program

On April 26, we’re kicking-off Monogoto’s developer program. Join the series of 4 workshops and get started with cellular IoT.

Workshop breakdown:

  • LTE-M fundamentals
    April 26: 6pm CEST / 9am PST
    Co-Hosted by OriginGPS
    Topics included: Cellular IoT fundamentals, Networks & Coverage, Breaking down a use case, Introduction to Monogoto

  • Building an end-to-end IoT application
    May 3: 6pm CEST / 9am PST
    Topics included: Basics of AT Commands, Cellular modems, Hands-on workshop: build you end to end use case with the SODAQ SARA dev kit

  • Low power modes
    May 10: 6pm CEST / 9am PST
    Co-Hosted by SODAQ
    Topics included: Power Saving Mode (PSM), Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX), Calculating Power Consumption, Estimating battery life

  • Processing & acting on sensor data
    May 17: 6pm CEST / 9am PST
    Co-Hosted by Ubidots
    Topics included: IoT Platforms, UDP, TCP, HTTP & MQTT, Integrating data and initiating triggers

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The first developer workshop is starting today (April 26) at 6pm CEST / 9am PST. You can join the virtual workshop using this link.

On May 3 at 6pm CEST / 9am PST, we’re starting the second workshop about: “Building an end-to-end IoT application”. During this workshop, I will be demonstrating how to build a full IoT application in only 1 hour.

You can join the virtual workshop using this link .

If you would like to go hands-on during the workshop, you can! To do so, connect your laptop to a cellular modem allowing you to send AT Commands directly. To do so for the SODAQ SARA, follow this guide.