Monogoto Voice, SMS and international No

Good evening fellow Developers,

I would like to commend the efforts of our Developer community Manager Laurens, sir we are happy for the recording sessions and training workshop.

We have voice, phone number and sms field under things section.

guys can someone throw more light on how to activate this features; I believe they may some organization who desire or have preference for this services.

your suggestions please…

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Thanks @Samnet07

Monogoto is an IoT connectivity provider, hence we only focus on data, not on voice.

We do support SMS, for information see: SMS in Monogoto Network - Docs

Thanks alot Laurens, am clarified and it’s perfect.

So is there voice with a phone number for the USA?

Hi BMeyers,

As @laurens mentioned, Monogoto only supports data (including SMS), we don’t support voice as we are focussed on IoT applications.