Identifying sim card company from GSM modem

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When I am working with SIM7600 modem i need to manually set the APN when i insert different sim cards, however mobile phones dont work the same way. They can detect the company which the sim card belongs to. I wanted to know how do mobile phones identify which company sim card is inserted?

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Mobile phones identify which company’s SIM card is inserted through a process called IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) detection. When a SIM card is inserted into a phone, the phone reads the IMSI stored on the SIM card. The IMSI is a unique identifier assigned to each subscriber by the mobile network operator.

The IMSI consists of three parts:

  1. MCC (Mobile Country Code): This identifies the country of the mobile network operator.
  2. MNC (Mobile Network Code): This identifies the specific mobile network operator within the country.
  3. MSIN (Mobile Subscriber Identification Number): This uniquely identifies the subscriber within the mobile network.

By reading the MCC and MNC from the IMSI, the phone can determine which mobile network operator’s SIM card is inserted. This information allows the phone to connect to the correct mobile network and communicate with the operator’s infrastructure to make calls, send messages, and access data services.

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