Good performance of monogoto sim cards over local sim cards

We are using Monogoto SIM cards in modems for sending data to RMS server, these SIM cards have shown good performance on areas where local SIM cards fail to perform, the question I am asked by my colleague is that “how Monogoto manage to function correctly while are connecting to Local network and Local SIM cads fail?”
Which technology do these SIM cards have above local SIM cards?

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Thanks for sharing @JuliusR

Monogoto is not bound to 1 specific network, instead in can connect to hundreds of networks around the world.

When using SIM from a local operator, it prioritizes the local network which. This network may not have the best quality signal, yet it does try connecting to that network. When using Monogoto, no network is preferred, hence it looks for the network with the best signal strength.

For example: in The Netherlands (where I’m based) I can choose between KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone. If I would use a KPN SIM, it would always try to connect to the KPN network, even if T-Mobile or Vodafone would have better network quality.