Cell tower signal quality

I know that I can typically select more than one network at a given location when using a Monogoto SIM.

Apart from the standard operator selection method (AT+COPS), is there a method that can also indicate the best serving cell tower at the device location?

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Hi Jasper,

thanks for reaching out.

Indeed some specific modem manufacturers offer proprietary methods to do very detailed network surveys.

An example for that would be #CSURV series of commands:


response: 'Network survey started ...

earfcn: aaaa rxLev: -46 mcc: XXX mnc: AA cellId: XXXXX tac: XXXXX phyCellId: XXX cellStatus: CELL_SUITABLE rsrp: -82 rsrq: -15 bw: 20


earfcn: bbbb rxLev: -73 mcc: XXX mnc: BB cellId: XXXXX tac: XXX phyCellId: XX cellStatus: CELL_FORBIDDEN rsrp: -113 rsrq: -20 bw: 20


earfcn: cccc rxLev: -96 mcc: XXX mnc: CC cellId: XXXXX tac: XXXX phyCellId: XXX cellStatus: CELL_LOW_LEVEL rsrp: -136 rsrq: -20 bw: 20


Network survey ended'

Note: I have obfuscated some details for security reasons.

What can we get from that? Well, should the MCC/MNC combination of the cell considered CELL_SUITABLE be a supported network that matches your budget then it would be a good choice to select this network using the AT+COPS=1,2,”XXXAA”,7 command at that location.

Unfortunately, this example is not universally applicable but other modems may provide equivalent or similar capabilities that would allow you to scrutinise the RSRP & RSRQ values measured by your modem. Please consult the respective AT command reference for further information.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Frank, this is useful. I will try this out and get back to you if you have any further questions